Broken-Down Advisement - He Who Thinks Ede Drinks Ede.



The Cool Lady was an inspiration to both me and my girls when they grew up. They admired her and tried to get close to her in the street when they were on their way home from school and she happened to be on her way in or out. They loved her clothes and her cat, and not least her lavish chandelier! She surrounded herself with a lot of bling, but it suited her and it was never too much. If you have style, you have style. Over the years she became older, as people do, and one day she ...

Renting a castle

I was searching the internet for a place to rent a chateau for a weekend and I found a great place that looks beautiful. I was just searching for fun but now I'm really starting to wanting to go there. It would be a great experience I think. But I don't want to go there alone so I think I'm going to take some of my friends with me. I'm going to talk to some people and start planning, I think this is going to be great!